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Multicultural Education

Multicultural Education

Research Subjects

Multicultural education and multiculturalism; mutual understanding, collaboration and coexistence in multilingual, multicultural societies

Research Group Overview

As we enter the 21st century, globalization and cultural diversification have picked up pace with societies comprised of different ethnicities, cultures, languages and religions. Under these circumstances, this research group hopes to offer new avenues for multilingual and multicultural studies while taking into account the findings of conventional studies on international affairs/cross-cultural understanding as well as ethnic studies. Through improvement of theoretical, practical and methodological aspects of multilingual and multicultural studies, the research group aims to find clues for mutual understanding, collaboration and coexistence in multilingual and multicultural societies. The main pillars of this research include: (1) studies on historical background, theories, practical examples and challenges of multicultural education; (2) studies on cross-cultural understanding, acceptance and contact; (3) cross-cultural, cross-language comparative study; (4) case study of multicultural societies; (5) case study of multicultural societies; and (6) study on international understanding, international cooperation and international exchanges.


Professor      TERADA, Tatsuo
Professor      NAGANO, Koh
Professor      GAYMAN, Jeffry
Associate Professor AOKI, Maiko
Associate Professor TSUCHIDA, Eiko
Assistant Professor BUNTILOV, Georgy