Hokkaido University Faculty of Education/Graduate School

Undergraduate Schools


Build a Wide Field of Vision

The whole university education courses starting soon after admission, consists of following foundation subjects.

General Education Practice(freshman seminar)

It is aim to have the newly enrolled students think about a problem “what is university, what is learning” through concrete experience.

General Subjects

About a problem beyond the field of study, the teacher beyond a specialty cooperates to perform lectures.

Subject by Theme

A lot of lectures are in each of the five fields “Language thought”, “Historical perspective”, “Art and literature”, “Social recognition”, and “World of science and technology”.

Common Subject

In the field where any kind of specialty is needed to being common to, classes such as “Physical Education”, “Information science”, “Statistics”, “internship” etc will be offered.

Foreign Language Training Courses

English and the first foreign language (German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean) can be learned.

Basic Subjects

For freshman in liberal arts, “Fundamentals of the Humanities,” “Fundamentals of Social Science” will be offered.


The professional education also starts while taking the Fundamental Courses

The specialized subject starts from second year. Next goal of the second year is that each one discovers “At what direction do you try to aim?” Therefore, the base of pedagogy is firmly first acquired by requiring lecture “Pedagogy outlineⅠ?Ⅴ” of the faculty.

In parallel with this “basic training” will be offered. Seminar here (in the form of teaching report done in small discussion groups) will begin. Fundamental practiceⅠ (first term), the learn the basic practical skills in the seminar is divided into four groups.

Fundamental practiceⅡ (second term), the seminar which is done in every research group is chosen. In addition, completion of various “special selective subjects” such as lecture and experiment practice becomes possible from the latter term.

Through these classes, one should think about the course you want to advance. The seminar chosen in Fundamental practiceⅡ, keeps being connected to the “selection of post seminar” of third year.

Seminar centered education of small groups start in full scale

Here is the greatest characteristic of the Department of Education for seminar-centered small education. Study basics theories such as Pedagogic, Psychology, Sociology, Physical education, Physiology by “specialized practice” performed by every research group and perform training of a research method.
In the third year will begin in earnest to design courses according to the direction of their choice.
In addition, depending on your own interest, you can take the courses of the whole university education.

Through education, to participate in the historical turning point

Even if it is study experience of only four years, you will be ready to confront a problem of various educational practices by whetting a quality of oneself. It is a graduation thesis that it is put together.

A human place to live in, a pedagogic essential problem hides behind anywhere. You can make use of study experience in the School of Education and will let a pedagogic fruit of each person grow all over the world.