Hokkaido University Faculty of Education/Graduate School

Welcome to the School of Education


The individual is the focus of “education”. However, a person can exist only within a society or group.Therefore, an individual’s potential is also society’s potential, and society’s potential is education’s potential.
Learning at school, in the home, at work or in the local community; learning about the various lifelong roles of education; possessing a broad view of the world; overcoming distinctions of age, occupation or views; developing the overall ability to see how a healthy society may be created – these are the features of the “all-round education” to which the Department of Education aspires.
Our Faculty welcomes those who believe in the limitless power of education to develop people as individuals and also develop society as a whole.

Aims of the School of Education

The Department of Education works to educate people who support the mediating function of “education” as human communication in a multiplicity of ways, promote rich knowledge as the foundations of exceptional people, and understand the importance of education that aspires to the limitless growth of both individuals and society.
We work toward the education of people who have deep respect and affection toward others, people with broad perspectives on social issues, and people able to grasp, think through and work practically toward a solution of the issues arising from the diverse educational functions that are the basis of a healthy society.