Hokkaido University Faculty of Education/Graduate School

International Exchange

Since their foundations, the Hokkaido University Faculty, Graduate School and School of Education have deepened exchanges with universities, other educational institutions and individual researchers in numerous countries and regions across the world. Currently, the Graduate School and School of Education host international students from various countries and regions.

Departmental Exchange Agreements (MOUs) with 12 universities and research institutions

As internationalization and its accompanying international research collaboration progress, the Graduate School and School of Education have stepped up their efforts to conclude exchange agreements and sister school partnership agreements with universities in other countries. In addition to these university-wide agreements, the Faculty, Graduate School and School of Education have departmental exchange agreements (MOUs) with the following 12 universities and research institutions (as of December 14, 2020)

Portland State University/Lomonosov Moscow State University/University of Leeds, School of Sociology and Social Policy/Kongju National University/Korea University/Seoul National University/National Taiwan Normal University/Renmin University of China/Beijing Normal University/Chulalongkorn University/Sakhalin State University/INSHEA, Institut national superieur de formation et de recherche

Hokkaido Summer Institute

The Hokkaido Summer Institute (HSI) is an educational program in which leading researchers brought together from around the world provide courses between June and October in partnership with Hokkaido University faculty members. Students not only from Hokkaido University but also from other universities in Japan and beyond can attend these state-of-the-art classes taught in English, which allows our students to feel as if they were studying abroad while still on campus.

HSI offers a wide variety of courses, students can find many options within and outside their field of study.  It is a tremendous opportunity for them to take a step forward through new experiences with overseas students.

Hokkaido Summer Institute Homepage:Please see the URL below.

Hokkaido Summer Institute (hokudai.ac.jp)

◆Graduate Level

・Course G002: Considering the achievement of equality and social justice through school education in East Asia (1)/(2) | Hokkaido Summer Institute (hokudai.ac.jp)  *Chinese Course

・Course G003: Population Collapse & Education II: A Historical Study of Healthy Body, Welfare and Gender Issues | Hokkaido Summer Institute (hokudai.ac.jp) (Global ESD-leaders Program 2024)

◆Undergraduate Level

・Course U004: Population Collapse & Education I: Can a Society have Gender Equality and a Healthy Fertility Rate? | Hokkaido Summer Institute (hokudai.ac.jp) (ESD Campus Asia-Pacific Program 2024)

・Course r001: Sociolinguistics and ESD: Language and Wellbeing in Japan (1)/(2) | Hokkaido Summer Institute (hokudai.ac.jp)

ESD Campus Asia-Pacific Program

Since 2011, the School of Education has held the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Campus Asia-Pacific Program—a short-term overseas exchange study program focusing on the roles of education in the sustainable development of society—in partnership with its counterparts at Korea University and Seoul National University in South Korea, Beijing Normal University in China, Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and Sakhalin State University in Russia.

This program is expected to help our students continue their exchanges with overseas students into the future and become globally minded human resources capable of contributing to the sustainable development of society.

For information about the past ESD programs, click the links below.

 ESD2023 – ESD2012