Hokkaido University Faculty of Education/Graduate School

Overview of the Schools

Welcome to the Education Department


Education is focused on people as individuals,
but a person only exists within a society/community. Therefore, one person’s potential is the potential of his or her society, and society’s potential is the potential of education. At school, home, work and in the local community, education constantly takes on different roles. In the Education Department, we strive to have a broad, multifaceted viewpoint of these roles, regardless of age, occupation or status, and a comprehensive vision of a healthy society. To make possible the realization of such an “all-around education” is our principal goal within the Education Department. We welcome those who believe in the unlimited power of education to help the human race to grow and our society to develop.

For Applicants to the Education Department

In the Education Department, we help our students build skills with the human communication method of “education,” turning them into educators who possess are a wealth of knowledge fundamental to the development of an outstanding personality, and who recognize the importance of education and believe in the limitless possibility of the development of mankind and its society.

Our goal is to guide our students to obtain a deep respect and compassion for mankind, to help them acquire a broad view as educational specialists, and to help them become valuable members of society, capable of accurately understanding, analyzing and solving the wide variety of challenges that manifest themselves in the field of education, a field that constitutes the very essence of our society.

We welcome the following

  • Individuals with a desire to tackle challenges related to education in home, school and work environments, in a number of different roles.
  • Kindhearted individuals with a desire to hear the voices of the troubled and the underprivileged
  • Individuals with good communication and conduct who are able to actively organize and participate in events
  • Individuals with respect and regard for others and other cultures, individuals who desire to serve society and the world through education, as well as to grow themselves.