Hokkaido University Faculty of Education/Graduate School

Research and Clinical Center for Child Development

The Consultation Room in the Research and Clinical Center for Child Development focuses on developmental support, and in consultation with the children or their carers, families or communities, devises support methods suitable for the developmental stage of the child. In addition, the Consultation Room has a research and educational function within the Research and Clinical Center for Child Development.

There is only a limited time available for consultations. Please be aware of this before coming to the Consultation Room. Also, please understand that there may be occasions when it is not possible to respond quickly to a request for consultation. Please refer to the sections below on making an appointment.

To use the Consultation Room, please note the following.

  • Depending on the nature of your consultation, you may be referred to local professional organizations or parents’ association.
  • If you require ongoing consultation, the Consultation room may use the consultations for the education of its graduate students.
  • You cannot designate the counselor. Your counselor is decided according to the nature of the consultation on intake meeting.
  • Upon starting the consultation, you will be asked to agree terms relating to the protection of personal information, and the use of your consultation for educational and research purposes.


Consultation Room Reception.

011-706-3295 for Consultation room inquiries only.

(Reception hours: every Tuesday, 10:00 to 15:00)

You will be telephoned about a month after your initial telephone contact to confirm a date for your consultation. Depending on the nature of your consultation, you may not be given a consultation time and referred to another organization instead. The waiting time for a new consultation is about one month.

Once the consultation date is confirmed, fill out the form and bring it to the consultation.


Since January 2009, traffic has been restricted on campus. Bringing your car into the university costs 500 yen. Please use public transport if possible because parking space is limited. Please refer to the map.