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 GAYMAN, Jeffry


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Educational Anthropology

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Multicultural Education

Special field

Educational Anthropology

Research theme

Education, and educational research, for and by indigenous peoples

Detailed contents of research

I have been working with the Ainu people of Japan now for 15 years on the possibilities for developing an Ainu educational system. Unfortunately, restrictions at the administrative level have made the implementation of such education nigh impossible. As a result, my research has focused on tangential matters; identity formation, cultural transmission, factors influencing positive self-ascription, the Ainu rights-recovery movment. Since becoming employed at Hokkaido University, I have been trying to broaden my research efforts into effectual intercultural understanding relating to the Ainu people. In 2012, I was also responsible for a major Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs survey on the status of transmission of the Ainu language. From 2014, I worked to establish a working group on Ainu Indigenous knowledge under the auspices of a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science grant.

Simplified curriculum vitae

MA Cross-Cultural Studies, Univerisity of Alaska Fairbanks, 2005; PhD (Education) Kyushu University School of Human-Environment Studies, 2012. Research Administrative Assistant, Kyushu University, 2009-11. Specially Appointed Asssociate Professor, Hokkaido University Research Faculty of Media and Communication, 2012, Associate Professor, 2013; Professor, 2019.

Research achievements

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  2. Jeff Gayman(Editorial Supervisor)The Spirit of Huci: Four Seasons of an Ainu Woman (計良智子著 『アイヌの四季:フチの伝える心』)。札幌:寿郎社
  3. Uemura, Hideaki and Jeffry Gayman (2018). Rethinking Japan’s Constitution from the Perspective of the Ainu and Ryūkyū Peoples. Special Issue of The Asia-Pacific Journal Japan Focus. 16(5), March 1, 2018. Online. https://apjjf.org/2018/5/Uemura.html
  4. Jeff Gayman (2016) (Book Review) Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic and Public Policies. Mark Hudson, ann-elise lewallen, Mark Watson, eds. Japan Forum, 27(4), pp.563-566. School of Oriental and Asian Studies: University of London.
  5. Gayman, Jeffry (2015). Breaking through Impasses in the Ainu Rights Recovery Movement: A Case Study of one Transformational Activist-Disciple Relationship. Senri Ethnological Studies. Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.
  6. Gayman, Jeff (2014). Ainu. In, Neely, Sharlotte (ed.), Native Nations: The Survival of Fourth World Peoples, 55-72. Vancouver: J.Charlton Publishing.

Society Affiliation

American Anthropological Association, Native American and Indigenous Studies Association

Classes in charge

Graduate School: Theory of Ainu Indigenous Education