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American Studies

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Multicultural Education

Special field

American Studies

Research theme

Cultural transition of immigrant communities in the United States; science and technology in American society and culture

Detailed contents of research

My research interest has been to examine the relations between the ideological basis of the establishment and maturity of modern industrialized society and the construction of ethnic and national identities. For the past decade, I have pursued this research interest through the case of Swedish immigrants in Chicago area in late 19th and early 20th centuries. I am now preparing to shift my research field to Pacific Northwest, focusing on the coast of Washington state.

Simplified curriculum vitae

1999-2001: Research Associate, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo; 2002-04: Lecturer, Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Hokkaido University; 2004-07: Associate professor, Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Hokkaido University; 2007-present: Associate professor, Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Hokkaido University.

Research achievements

  • “Hokubei Hokuseibu Enganchihou ni okeru Chiiki Identity Hyosho: Seattle Vancouver ni tsuiteno Shiron (Representations of Local Identities in the Pacific Northwest: an Essay on Seattle and Vancouver),” in Masashi Hirosue ed., Umi to Riku no Orinasu Sekaishi: Koushi to Nairiku Shakai (Tokyo: Shunpusha, 2018), Chapter 16, 299-317.
  • “Minzoku/Kokumin eno Kizoku, Kaikyuu eno Kizoku: Swedish Kyoiku Doumei in Chicago (1915-1956) no Rekishi kara (National Belongings and Class Belongings: From history of the Swedish Educational League in Chicago, 1915-1956),” in Masashi Hirosue, ed. Ekkyosha no Sekaishi: Dorei, Ijuusha, Konketsusha (Tokyo: Shunpusha, 2013), Chapter 12, 251-276.
  • “Technology no Utopia to Taminzoku no Saiten: Chicago Shinpo no Isseiki Bankoku Hakurankai, 1933-34 nen (Technological Utopia and World’s Fairs: A Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, 1933-34),” in The Journal of International Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies, vol. 17 (2013), 13-25.

Society Affiliation

Japan Association of American Studies, Japanese Association for American History, Immigration and Ethnic History Society

Classes in charge

Graduate school: Multicultural Education Common Course A, Understanding Multicultural World.