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Multicultural Education

Undergraduate School Affiliation

Multicultural Education

Graduate School Affiliation


Special field

Intercultural communication, comparative culture studies

Research theme

National identity, regional identity, regional media analysis, Russo-Japanese relations

Detailed contents of research

    My research focuses on the relationship between national and regional identity, particularly in border regions of Russia and Japan.
    Using an identity model based on the phenomenological concepts of Self and Other, I analyze national identity discourses and images of the Other-nation in Russia (Moscow, Sakhalinskaya Oblast) and Japan (Tokyo, Hokkaido). In my research I am interested in two questions: 1) How does close proximity to Other affect its representation in printed media? 2) Which topics dealing with Other appear in central and regional media, and what does the difference suggest?

Simplified curriculum vitae

2014.09 Nagoya University Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, MA
              (Major: Comparative Studies of Language and Culture)
2019.03 Hokkaido University Graduate School of Education, PhD (Major: multicultural education)
2019.04 Hokkaido University Research Faculty of Media and Communication, Assistant Professor

Research achievements

  1. Buntilov, Georgy (2016). Common Narratives in Discourses on National Identity in Russia and Japan, Asian Philosophy, 26:1 (2016), 1-19, DOI: 10.1080/09552367.2015.1136199
  2. Buntilov, Georgy (2017). The Kuril Islands/Northern Territories dispute: A comparison of local news reportage in Sakhalin and Hokkaido, Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies (ejcjs), 17:3, (2017). Online. http://www.japanesestudies.org.uk/ejcjs/vol17/iss3/buntilov.html

Classes in charge

Russian language general course (All-University course)
Russian Communication Introductory/Basics/Beginner (All-University courses)