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Educational Social Sciences

Education and Social Work

Research Subjects

Social work and education
– Poverty, inequalities and social justice –

Research Group Overview

This research group aims to analyze the present situation of children with social disadvantages (e.g., poverty, inequalities and disabilities) and their families from a social science perspective to clarify related social welfare issues and educational problems (in relation to schools). The group basically focuses on the social justice through the cooperation of individuals, families and society (schools) in fields involving both education and welfare not only in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, but also in Asian countries
Class exercises often introduce students to literature written in English. This is intended to help them acquire skills necessary to present research findings to the international community in addition to developing new knowledge, ideas and broad perspectives. Fieldwork is considered particularly important in studies by the group’s individual members.
,br> This research group publishes The Journal of Education and Social Work.
Back issues of the journal are available on the Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers (HUSCAP) website:
The HUSCAP webpage above is also accessible from the Hokkaido University website.


Professor    MATSUMOTO, Ichiro
Associate Professor    TORIYAMA, Madoka