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Learning and Teaching

Undergraduate School Affiliation

Psychology of Education

Graduate School Affiliation

Educational Psychology

Special field

Educational Psychology, Phenomenological and Practical Research on Education

Research theme

Learning of children as an agent, Adult’s way of being to support the learning of children

Detailed contents of research

Under the fundamental recognition “Child is an learning agent, while the role of teachers is to support the learning,” I have been investigating in clarifying the above ideas. As I have engaged deeply in elementary as well as secondary schools, observing the classrooms and discussing with the teachers, my challenge has been to explicate the learning-teaching phenomenon from phenomenological perspective into corporal as well as ontological level.


Education what you have experienced is not the only possible education. There exist so many types of splendid educational practice you don’t know. You need to learn from those practice first.

Simplified curriculum vitae

1989;Finished Doctoral Course of Postgraduate School, The University of Tokyo
1984;Finished Master Course of Postgraduate School, The University of Tokyo (MA)、
1974;Graduated from School of Education, The University of Tokyo (BA)、 Job position
2011- Present, Professor, Post Graduate School of Education, Hokkaido University
2010-2011 Professor, University of Hyogo,
2004-2010 Associate Professor, University of Hyogo,
1994-2004 Associate Professor, Himeji Institute of Technology, 1990-1994 Lecturer at Himeji Institute of Technology Visiting fellow
1997-98; Visiting researcher, Seattle University,

Research achievements

Society Affiliation

Japanese Educational Research Association; The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology; Japanese Association for the study of Living Environment Studies and Integrated Study Education; International Human Science Research Conference

Classes in charge

Special Lecture on Education VI (Learning and Teaching)