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Student Guidance

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Studies on challenges related to student guidance (including career guidance) based on considerations of the current student culture

Research Group Overview

Today, Japan’s secondary education is confronted with major challenges. In particular, the country’s educational system that gives priority to its functions to ensure fair and equal competition has caused a significant decline in motivation to study among student, which is supposed to be a major role of education. This poses major issues when we consider student guidance (including career guidance). Due to recent major social changes, it is increasingly likely that better schools do not automatically translate into better jobs and better lives for students. This likelihood significantly undermines the development of self-discipline in students on which student guidance relies. To address this situation, the government has incorporated curricula that foster a zest for living and related career education programs in its recent education policies. However, their effectiveness and difficulties in implementing them remain unclear and require careful examination. This research group focuses on student culture, changes in communication and self-consciousness of students, and other topics amid major changes in youth subcultures, and considers present and future student guidance through empirical studies for junior high school and high school students in Hokkaido.
I have delved into education in contemporary Japan and the relationship between education and labor through empirical studies. More specifically, I have conducted studies on (1) labor and learning in workplaces, (2) IT-related vocational training/schools, and (2) high school students’ self-consciousness, relationships with friends and future outlooks. In recent years, I have focused in particular on the relationship between student guidance (primarily career guidance) offered at high schools and high school students’ awareness of their futures, lifestyle values and other matters. I hope to study problems related to student guidance and student culture with a focus on high schools and high school students in the Hokkaido cities of Sapporo, Kushiro and Yubari, where local economies are more depressed with growing income disparities than in other parts of Japan.


Professor    ASAKAWA, Kazuyuki