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School Education

Educational Administration

Research Subjects

Historical, comparative and empirical studies on educational administration and education systems to guarantee education for children and young people

Research Group Overview

This research area focuses on the following three subjects:
1. Empirical and comparative studies on relations between central and local governments in education and the educational policy process
1) Relations between central and local governments in education and distribution of authority among municipalities, prefectural governments and central government
2) Empirical analysis of educational policy-making and policy-implementation processes and educational politics in central and local governments
3) Legal and empirical analyses of relationships and collaboration between governors/mayors and boards of education
4) Studies on civic participation and in educational policy-making, and reform of board-of-education; and on local government ordinances on education and school administration regulations
5) Collaboration among educational administrative departments, welfare departments and child-welfare/judicial-welfare institutions to support child rearing and education

2. Studies on educational administration and finance systems in central and local governments to guarantee the right to education, and to improve educational conditions
1) Legal and historical studies on standards for the allocation of teaching/administrative staff and specialists, improvement of these standards, and analysis of the present situation 2) Work performance and employment conditions of teaching and administr ative staff, the scope of duties of teaching staff, and their collaboration with specialists
3) Analysis of systems and the present situation of standards for school establishment and improvement of the maximum number of students per class
4) Studies on government financial contribution and local government spending for the allocation of teaching/administrative staff, school establishment and other matters

3. Empirical and comparative studies on the guarantee of educational opportunities and education systems
1) Comparative studies on education systems that allow early school leavers to re-enter education
2) Study on education law and systems that provide alternative opportunities, such as “free schools”, “free space” and youth support centers
3) Analysis of the privatization of education and the reorganization of public and private relations, and its future


Professor    YOKOI, Toshiro

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*I edited a textbook on educational administration. It was co-authored with current and former graduate students in the research group: Yokoi, Toshiro (author and editor), Educational Administration – Opening the Way toward a Brighter Future for Children and Youth (in Japanese), Yachiyo Shuppan, 2014.