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Lifelong Learning

Social Education
(Adult & Community Education)

Research Subjects

Role of community education for the empowerment of community residents

Research Group Overview

This research group seeks to establish a new community (adult) education theory with a focus on the self-education process of community residents and the social education work that supports and organizes the process. The group’s fundamental task is theoretical and empirical elucidation of non-formal educational systems in light of (1) analysis of the informal learning process of local residents through their participation in community movements (e.g., for child rearing, environmental conservation and community development) and in various organizations and (2) analysis of the roles of social education institutions in support of learning activities for local residents. Current research subjects are two-fold: (1) the explication of theories developed by Paulo Freire, Yrjö Engeström and other educators and (2) the clarification of logic of learning that will lead to community development. The latter research is being performed in reference to community trends toward the development of theories of educational practices as part of social pedagogy and community education.

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Professor    MIYAZAKI, Takashi
Assistant    MARUYAMA, Mikiko