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Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology for Education

Research Subjects

Study on clinical psychology to support the growth of human beings and their recovery from adversity

Research Group Overview

This research group is engaged in collaborative studies on various issues that occur in local communities or in our daily lives in relation to clinical practice for education from the perspectives of clinical psychology, psychological trauma theories, caring theories and the like. This research group investigates challenges confronting care and support providers and problems in the environments surrounding people faced with adversity. The group identifies such problems through first-hand interactions with the people facing them and conducts practical and theoretical studies.


Associate Professor             WATANABE, Makoto

The mental well-being of humans involves a variety of factors, and the combination of these factors could deteriorate the mental health of anyone. My research interest is on the methods and processes of psychological assistance for people with poor mental well- being. More specific areas include: (I) processes of individual psychotherapy based on dynamic theory incorporating an eclectic approach; (2) problems of a psychotherapeutic approach to psychological trauma caused by disaster/abuse; (3) characteristics of support in the form of student counseling; and (4) the framework of group psychotherapy, its safety and its relationship with deeper interactions.