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 TSUJI Tomoko


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Youth Education Adult and Community Education

Undergraduate School Affiliation

Social Sciences of Education

Graduate School Affiliation

Life-Long Education


It is important for our research to understand experiences of the common people, to think together with them how to overcome their ploblem.

Special field

Adult and Community Education, Youth and Community Work, Lifelong Learning and Gender

Research theme

Analysis of practice in group activities by young people and women in community

Detailed contents of research

In modern society, transition from a child to an adult is seemed difficult for young men and women. Especially in Japan, young people are facing serious problems with the working. It is time to reform the relationship between school education and employment. The main interest of my research, in such a changing society, how working young people do develop themselves. I have been involved in Japanese traditional community groups of young people (Seinen-dan) as an advisor. Through a variety of group activities, young people are becoming confident of themselves, building relationships of trust with their peers, and approved to local people. Research purpose is to clarify the process and conditions of their empowerment. There is some sort of reflection that is usually performed by writing and discussing each other, and the reflection is sometimes in the process of learning itself.

Simplified curriculum vitae

2013-:Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Hokkaido University, 2011-2012:Lecturer, Professional Lisence Training Center, Tokai University, 2000-2010: Part-time Lecturer, Waseda University and several universities,1995-2000:Graduate school of Humanities and Sciences, Ochanomizu University( Doctoral Course)

Research achievements

Tsuji, T.2010 A Case Study of a Writing Circle among the Textile Workers in Japan of 1950’s;Their Formative Processes of Values, Ideas, Relationships through “Seikatsu Kiroku” Movement, Doctoral Dissertation (Ochanomizu University), Tsuji, T. Writing of Women in Textile Factories before the War, Bulletin of The Japan Society for the Study of Adult and Community Education, No.42, 2006

Society Affiliation

The Japan Society for The Study of Adult and Community Education, Japanese Educational Research Association, The International Society for Gender Studies, The Women’s Studies Association of Japan

Classes in charge

Seminar Ⅰ, Education and Youth Development