About Us

About Us

Research and Clinical Center for Child  Development was established in 1978, and has been functioning as a stronghold for longitudinal development and childcare practice researches. The research theme has since expanded to fields for supporting children and adults with developmental disability was set as another key theme, and focus of research has spread to developmental environments such as different age groups and local communities. Section of advancing teacher profession was created within the Center in 2014 to link researches on teacher’s qualification and skill with developmental researches.

Modern society has created many people who were left to live a life while feeling difficulty to live. Cases that seem “inhumane” are frequent. Under such social circumstances, it is not easy to discuss human developments and education. This is because education is a social device that guarantees human development, but if these problems are occurring in the Japanese society where the education has widely spread, then education itself or researches on education and human development may be contributing to the current social situation. Moreover, the increasing inequality and poverty makes the problem more complex and difficult to handle. If the problem is more complex, then the solution must be created through the cooperation between various research areas.

At this center, we hope to proceed researches and collaboration with the people in various fields from the perspectives of social disadvantage, diversity, lifelong development and regional characteristics. Our mission is to reexamine the current concept of development, seek problems and methods on clinical and educational supports, and share the research outcomes with the society, while working beyond the research areas such as developmental psychology, social pedagogy, education and social work, sociology, clinical psychology, special needs education, teacher education, and pediatric neurology. We ask for your understanding, support and active participation.

Director of RCCCD

MATSUDA , Yasuko